Wow! Classical Guitar Booming

classical guitar booming

Wow! Classical Guitar Booming

Why second classical guitar booming is in 19th century? Not only because of so many great musicians appeared during that time,but also the innovation in building technology.

In 19th century of guitar history,guitar(we mainly refer to classical guitar here) met its degradation times as the booming of grand music.However,musicians who are so enthusiasm and never stop exploring of guitar music and made classical guitar booming times in 20th century.

Torres,Father of modern guitar,made indelible contribution for its development in the history.He made innovation in many aspects of building technology,such as metal tuning machine displaced wood tuning machine,developed fan structure with 7 PCS of beam,etc. But his greatest contribution is enlarge body size.Compare with Sor times, the body is 20% larger and greatly enlarge sound volume to improve the performance.Torres’s contribution made it possible for classical guitar booming times.

Torres mainly made the revolution in building technology. Tarrega gave classical guitar music a new life from innovative performing technology.In 1874,Tarrega entered Madrid Conservatory of Music to study hermonic and composition.In early of his concert,Tarrega played piano in half of time and guitar in another,the audience always prefer classical guitar instead of piano, then he choose it as main music instrument and became the most famous performer during the time. Tarrega’s contribution is for three aspects:completely progressed performing technology;wrote large quantity of master pieces;adapted a lot of master pieces of Bach,Beethoven and Chopin,etc.his efforts greatly contribute to popularization of guitar.

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After Tarrega,his students like Llobet,Pujol,etc.,followed their professor’s foot to continue contributing in the development.In late 19th century and beginning of 20th century, classical guitar had its second booming times.And during 20th century, we also had new revolution in string technology and the greatest musicians in modern history.