Tips for Classical Guitar Student,Nails Influence Guitar Student

classical guitar student

Tips for Classical Guitar Student,Nails Influence Guitar Student

To figure out how does nails of right hand fingers influence classical guitar student when plucking string, we need to see bellowing tips.

  • How does classical guitar sound?

We all know that quality of guitar sound is made by both right and left hand.However,types of tone and sound volume is mainly by right hand.

  1. Nail’s length and shape.
  2. The way to pluck string.
  3. Position of right hand and angle between hand and string.
  4. How do toe and nail touch string?
  5. pressure from finger.

Nail’s length and shape decides if classical guitar student can smoothly pluck string to make great sound.

  • Nail’s Length and Shape for Classical Guitar 

If nail is too long,it will slow down playing speed and reduce flexibility of plucking string..If the shape is not right, you will heard interesting but uncomfortable sound of guitar.

There’s a simple way to know if the nail’s length is proper. Use a nail file and make it vertically touch the toe. If the nail and toe touch the nail file simultaneously, the length is good. If not, you will see the nail is too long or too short. 

As for shape of nail, we can usually see four types of shape. Here, we recommend one of them which is also the most popular one today for classical guitar.Because we now pluck the string from the side close to thumb or close to the other finger to the other side. Just like a slope movement. So for index finger and middle finger, we suggest the shape as following picture showed:

index finger

classical guitar 1

middle finger

classical guitar student 2

For thumb and ring finger, we suggest to fix just follow the shape of tone,as following picture:


classical guitar student

ring finger

classical guitar student 3

  • Right-hand Nail Fixing

Remember to use nail file instead of nail scissor to fix the shape of nail for playing classical guitar.Just like following picture,try to keep straight movement following the edge of nail. Pay attention that keep the nail in front of your eyes. And actually,there’s small angel between nail file and nail itself. When grinding, try to catch the smooth feeling,if not, then check if the nail file moves straightly or your nail of index finger and ring finger is in round shape. 

For classical guitar student,he or she should follow the instructions of the classical guitar teacher who is experienced in this. The teacher should introduce this knowledge on his first class and keep on instruction in next few classes till the student totally understand.

  • Important Tip for Classical Guitar Student

Always keep in mind that the angel between finger and string is vary from person to person. That is,the classical guitar student should pay attention to his own angel and plucking way when playing. Also because of this,the degree of the nail slope is vary from person to person,find your own degree. 

Here we talk about plucking classical string from the side close to thumb to the other side. Frankly speaking, some players plucking from the other side to the side close to thumb.No matter in which way, the shape of the nail is the same, the difference is  the start point of the “slope” of index finger and middle finger.




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