How To Ship A Guitar Safely?And how to ship guitars for bulk order?

how to ship a guitar

How To Ship A Guitar Safely?

As a professional guitar supplier of China, XYB knows how to ship a guitar safely by knowing dangerous Our clients always repeatedly tell us to pack carefully and safely for long distance shipment.

There are some tips to do before shipping.

Take Protection for Safe Packing

  1. Remove unnecessary items. Mostly mean to remove accessories and tools from the case to avoid dings and scratches of guitar.
  2. De-tuning before shipping. This means to relieve tension of neck and fingerboard. It is not necessary to remove all strings, but loose strings through tuning machine.This allows some bending without break to protect guitar from deformation or break during delivery.
  3. Wrapping the neck with bubble wrap. This is important because it can help to protect neck from break.And bubble wrap will help to protect tuner as well.
  4. To protect fingerboard with layers. Refer to layers, newspaper is an easy and good material to use.Just slides newspaper between strings and frets.
  5. If guitar can move inside, it is not safe during shipping. It is reasonable to use bubble wrap to fill gap between inside of case and guitar, especially, fill the gap under neck.

Protect Guitar Case or Bag

To protect guitar case or bag before put it into carton, you need to put several layers into bottom of carton in advance, then wrap the case or bag. Just like before, remember to fill the gap.


Normally, we use corrugated carton as outside packing.Because of corrugator, the carton has vibration ability of certain level. Outside the carton, symbol like handle gently and do not press should be printed to hint the operator of delivery. 

This indicates how to ship a guitar for small order. You will see how to ship a guitar safely by efficient packing.

How to ship guitars for bulk order?

The packing is as indicated above. Besides, pallet should be used to integrate cartons which is more convenient and safe loading. There are many kinds of pallet, we normally use  non-fumigated pallet which is acceptable for most of countries. This means the material is sterilized plywood.

how to ship a guitar

Sometimes, we will use 20 HQ container or 40 HQ container for large quantity. If by container, single packing is more easier, but safe symbol is always printed on outside of carton. When deliver by container, the courier will pick up from warehouse to port. Both pallet or container packing is normally used in sea-freight.

how to ship a guitar



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