How To Learn Classical Guitar? Something You Should Know

how to learn classical guitar

How To Learn Classical Guitar?

We often heard that people ask how to learn classical guitar before they start learning. The answer can be as simple as play more and more or as complex as we have to discuss very detail step by step. Following tips may helps us to have a clear idea.

Where should I start learning?

Of course, you need a classical guitar firstly.

As our experience, no matter how much you knew about guitar music, it is better to start from learning single note. Practicing on classical guitar is a good way or the only way to be familiar with every note. 

It is also very important to know the positions of notes on guitar string.It is recommend to practice Segovia Scale to learn the positions of notes on string. This is proved the most efficient method to learn this. Please pay attention that many people are eager to practice with fast speed. This is a very wrong way. The right way is to begin with as slow speed as you can. In this process, you should pay attention to evenly play each note, movement of left hand finger and right hand finger. Speed up step by step controlled by metronome.

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How to choose a guitar?

When asked how to learn classical guitar, one more question should follow. That is how to choose a classical guitar?

There are types of guitars on the market, laminated, solid top and full solid. How to know which one is proper for you? Following is our suggestion.

  1. Laminated is not recommended. Laminated classical guitar means the material of top,back and side is made by plywood.
  2. Solid top classical guitar means the top is made by solid wood , back and side is made by plywood or top is made by plywood, back and side is made by solid wood. At present, solid top with plywood back and side is the most popular solid top classical guitar. This type’s price is frequently among US$200 to US$1000. For most of classical guitar students, solid top guitar is proper for their practicing. When buy a solid top guitar, don’t forget to test tone performance.

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       3. Full solid guitar, as its named, top,back and side is made by solid wood. This type is a little bit complicated.Because not all full solid guitars are made for professionals or performing purpose. Some models are also made for guitar beginners, but mainly for those beginners who want to be professionals.The price for this type is also vary, may be US$1000 or more than US100,000. If interested, just pick which is affordable for you.

How do I learn classical guitar on my own?

Well, for classical guitar, we don’t recommend to take a risk to learn on your own. Because classical guitar just like piano or violin, it needs systematically studying. Especially,there are so many skills in classical guitar filed, it is very difficult for you to handle by your self.Further more, it is more easier to find errors and correct them under instruction of teacher.Without teacher, you may not notice the error and remain it. Some errors will destroy your finger and body even you don’t realize today. 

We know there are tough guys who firmly believe there is nothing can beat them and insist on learning on their own. Good luck, the word we want say from our hearts. If you are one of them, please try to read some books about music theory firstly. Of course, you should know which  book is proper for you. And then, try to find out good videos of classical lessons. But do believe that, the video cannot tell in very detail. But it is better little than nothing. 

We are tough guys as well, so we insist on finding a good teacher to learn classical guitar instead of by yourself. Think about this.

Is it worth learning the classical guitar?

This question is listed because we want to strong your faith and confidence. And actually, this question is frequently asked by students, beginners and those who want to learn but don’t know if they should learn classical guitar.

Classical guitar shares the same position with piano and violin. This is universally recognized. 

We know more and more people love folk guitar, especially finger style, jazz, blues,etc. You should know folk guitar is developed from classical guitars, and classical guitar skill is the basic and the most important thing in acoustic guitar practicing. And when you handled classical skills, it is easier and faster for you to handle acoustic guitar. 

It is not easy to learn classical guitar. It may take years for you to handle this. But it is not so difficult to learn as well. Once you can be patience and practice step by step, you will be totally amazed how beautiful sound you made.

So, yes, it is worth learning classical guitar.

Above all, how to learn classical guitar is a question often asked. You just need to remember to find a good teacher, take a proper guitar,be patience and step by step. 

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