How Does Classical Guitar Skills of Right Hand Fingers Matter?

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How Does Classical Guitar Skills of Right Hand Finger Matter?

Does classical guitar skills of right hand influences guitar sound?

“Don’t use too much strength when playing with right hand.The sound should be clean and clear,soft or strong.Generally speaking,sound  of classical guitar should be strong instead of piecing,soft but not weak.”–by Aguado

“It is not so proper to make too much sound volume of classical guitar.A chord is distributed to each corner of concert not only by high volume of sound, but also the clean and clear sound of guitar itself.If the audience like to cooperate with me,I can make the audience in every corner to hear the clear classical sound.The nature of classical guitar’s sound should be clean.”–by Segovia

Besides two masters,sound of David Russel,John Williams, also clean.Clarity is first standard for a good classical guitar,based on this factor,a guitar can play a sound with gravity. Clarity and gravity makes guitar a good penetrability.This is the nature of a good guitar,further more,it should also be a goal of training of right hand classical guitar skills.

To play a sound with clarity,the first thing we should remember is to keep a correct gesture when holding a guitar.Then we use our right hand finger to touch the scale gently,then plucking softly and nimbly. Remember to focus on independence,stability,etc. of right hand fingers.Especially,don’t pay so much attention on speed,it should be the last and easiest problem for us to solve.

The first finger (I),middle finger(M),third finger(A) of right hand should keep an 45~60 degree of angle with scale.To pluck by side close to thumb. Keep in mind that nail and finger should pluck together at the same time to ensure clear and clean sound.One thing we need to know is that the angle degree between fingers and scale is vary from people to people, just find out proper angle when practicing.To keep the same angle with others may not help you to smoothly pluck.

How does thumb of right hand work?How to train classical guitar skills of right hand thumb? Well, generally speaking,the angle between the thumb and scale should be kept as 30 degree,distance between wrist and top should be around 50mm (width of three fingers).In this way,the thumb plucks naturally to the sound hole direction.Please also don’t forget to keep shoulder,arm still and steady, if any movement of shoulder or arm, then it means we do something wrong or just too nervous. 

Right hand guitar skills is very important, to train the skill takes time and hard working, patience will be the first thing we should learn no matter in what way we train the skills.

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