Guitar Tutorial! Is Acoustic or Classical Guitar Better for Beginners?

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Guitar Tutorial! Is Acoustic or Classical Guitar Better for Beginners?

We continue our guitar tutorial series. This one is especially for those beginners who are confused to decide which one they should start with, acoustic guitar or classical guitar.

To answer the question, we should know the difference between acoustic model and classical model firstly.From appearance aspect, acoustic type has bigger size than classical type.And folk guitar has 21 fret but classical one has 19 fret. Clearly that acoustic guitar introduced steel string and classical has nylon string.Further more, accessories such as bridge, tuning machine are different. Acoustic has bridge pins to fix string, but classical normally just tight string up.Most important, the inside structure is different although we can’t check inside structure since we cannot disassemble one when we buy. Refer to Differences between Guitars. Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars to get more.

Second, we should know the history of guitar. And we must have a clear idea that where is it from? Is acoustic or classical came first? Here is a brief introduction. The origin of the instrument can be found in Egypt around 3000 years ago. The modern 6-string guitar appeared around 19th century.Guitar masters like Sor,Aguado,Tarrega,Segovia,etc had contributed so much in its development. Nylon string appeared around 1940s created by Segovia and Augustin. Till now,guitar is mainly to play solo and company of pieces revised from Piano pieces,In 20th century, as development of music of black people in USA, the one with steel string is frequently used. We call this kind acoustic or folk type.Then as we know, guitar with nylon string is more traditional and called classical, steel string guitar is acoustic or folk. So we now know acoustic is from classical and all classical skill is helpful when practicing acoustic.

Third, if you read this article here, then you will know we recommend beginners to learn classical type firstly. Please refer to Why Guitar Beginners Should Start with Classical Guitar? for a clear idea. Since we discussed about the history of guitar, we should realize all guitar skill is based on classical type.So in guitar tutorial of classical,all skills are practiced which are better to make your finger more relaxed and flexible to control speed and sound.After practicing of classical model, it will be more easier to handle acoustic style.

Fourth,it is surely ok to begin with acoustic guitar tutorial or classical.To begin with acoustic style and avoid learning classical one doesn’t mean a beginner can’t become a master. We just say begin with classical one will be more helpful, we don’t say a beginner must study from classical style. It is ok to follow your interest. Keep this in mind.

Above all, in this guitar tutorial, following tips you should know before make your decision:

  • Try to understand the difference between acoustic guitar and classical
  • To know history of this kind of instrument may help you
  • Acoustic skill is based on classical guitar,knowing this may help you to review dicision made
  • Most importantly, knowing your real interest and following your heart



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