What Is Good Guitar Choice for Beginners? Laminated or Solid Top Guitar?

guitar choice for beginners

What Is Good Guitar Choice for Beginners? Laminated or Solid Top Guitar?

For guitar beginners, no matter for acoustic guitar or classical guitar,they often meet the first question: shall I buy a cheap one or costly guitar with high quality? And then they may find it is hard to make a choice between laminated model and solid top model by financial limitation.What is good guitar choice for beginners?


From financial point only, most of students prefer to buy guitars with cheap price. That is a choice, but difficult to say it is a good choice.There are something we need to know about cheap guitar as following:

  • poor material 
  • bad hand feeling by deformation or rough technology
  • terrible sound making
  • difficult for reselling

Poor material decides that the guitar cannot perform well and shorten the life. Bad hand-feeling will also ruin your interesting in learning at the beginning. Since it is very important for beginners to use their ear to listen,terrible sound making is the most serious sequence.When beginners want to change a better one after learning,they may find it is hard to resell what they already got because no one want to pay for low-values. So obviously, it is not right to make choice just based on financial.

“Affordable” is a good word to use in making such a decision. It is not only mean consider financial situation, but also keep quality in mind. This makes beginners to have more choice and ability to compare different types.To buy the best one you can afford is a good guitar choice for beginners.

From China market, we can say if you could make budget for your guitar among US$200~US$500, you may find proper one for your own. We supply guitar among this range:

40 Inch Acoustic Guitar,Beginner Acoustic Guitar BR20N/NC

D Body Folk Guitar,Acoustic Guitar for Beginner BD-20S

Beginner Acoustic Guitar,Solid Top Folk Guitar BD-20N/NC


Here, when we talk about types of guitar, we mainly talk about two kinds: laminated and solid top.

Firstly, what is laminated guitar? It’s simple, laminated type means from top to back and side introduced plywood. The good aspect is that the price is very cheap. But because by plywood, the vibration is reduced from string to top and box, so the sound quality is not so satisfying.

Second, what is solid top? It means the top of guitar is made of solid wood material, normally is Spruce or Cedar. Solid top type has better sound quality but higher price than laminated type. Besides, solid top guitar’s quality is also vary. 

From above, laminated is not recommended for beginners to learn and practice. Solid top type is a proper choice for beginners. Since quality of solid top guitar is vary, besides financial consideration and sound quality, beginners should also pay attention to hand-feeling such as if string buzz existed. If possible, get some professionals to be along with them to the store to give suggestions will be better.

Above all,solid top type is a good guitar choice for beginners, laminated is not recommended. Based on your budget, buy the best one you can afford.


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