Why Guitar Beginners Should Start with Classical Guitar?

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Why Guitar Beginners Should Start from Classical Guitar

Why we suggest guitar beginners to start from classical guitar?

From history of guitar, we learnt that modern guitar with 6 string appeared in 19th century which we called classical guitars. In 20th century,along with the appearance of steel string and increased number of fret, acoustic type appeared, not very long after its appearance, electric type appeared as well. From this brief overview of history, we can see all types born from classical type.Besides, all skills such as scale, arpeggio,etc.,is also based on classical guitars.We cannot denied that there is great innovation of skills on acoustic type and electric type, however, the foundation of playing skill will decide how good we play always.

Especially, in China, complete and scientific teaching system of classical guitar has established, acoustic guitar and electric types don’t have such teaching system. This means, it is difficult for beginners to handle the skill completely if start with acoustic and electric types. There many pieces for practicing of classical type are from Renaissance.After modifying and composition by compositors of modern time, the pieces already become a standard teaching material, following which can make guitar beginners have a clear idea. Based on this, to learn the skill of acoustic and electric will be easier and faster.

That’s why we suggest to learn the skill start from classical type.

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