Glorious!Segovia Classical Guitar in 20th Century till Today

The glorious of classical guitar in 20th century,was promoted by Adres Segovia.His technology of playing and his style, sometimes,is recognized as Segovia Classical Guitar. In China, even today,his technology is introduced in most of lessons.

He is one of the greatest musicians in 20th century for he brought classical guitar which almost vanished in history back to life,this is his difference from other musicians who just continue the booming of their instruments.

He was encouraged by his uncle to learn violin.But young child only love guitar.He got his first instrument when he was 10 years old,from then,he spent almost all of his time on practicing.In 1909,Segovia made the decision to take the instrument as his only career when he was 16 years old.In the same year, he hold his first concert,from which his performance life last for around 70 years.Long performance life greatly helped popularization of the music and today we know as Segovia Classical Guitar.

segovia classical guitar

.Segovia frequently,he performed across the world popularize it. At the same time,many professional compositors wrote a lot of master piece for him such as Villa.Lobos,Rodrigo,etc.And Segovia also revised many music master pieces includes Bach.This made the world to re-evaluate the value of the guitar.Besides,he trained many guitar masters who made a large influence.Today,almost all music academy take classical guitar as an important major.This is one of reasons we call Segovia Classical Guitar.

Segovia not only promote the performance, but also influenced the building technology which is the most important innovation. As we all know in old times, guitar uses string of sheep intestinal.With his friend Albert Augustin’s assistance,he persuaded Dupont Brothers to produced nylon string from 1947,this is where brand Augustin came from.Nylon string’s appearance is the greatest revolution for classical guitar in both production technology and performance. This is another why we call Segovia Classical Guitar.

Segovia was greatly influenced by Tarrega and his student Liobet. He also influenced many musicians in the world includes famous master today David.Russel,John.Williams,etc.They greatly inherit classical guitar,but only one made the revolution,that is Adres.Segovia.