Full Solid Wood Guitar or Solid Top Guitar, Why?

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Full Solid Wood Guitar or Solid Top Guitar, Why?

What is difference between full solid wood guitar and solid top guitar? Which type you should buy? Here, XYB may give you some helpful idea.

First, it is necessary to know some common wood material for construction of guitars. Following are some common wood of XYB’ guitars.

Spruce: The spruce wood maybe the most common wood material in top building of guitar. The material can be very thin but also very strong when applied in top building. It plays soft and sweet sound. For brand new, the color of spruce often be close to white, as time goes by, it turns to be close to yellow. 

Cedar: Also be called Canada Red Cedar for it is original in Canada. It is also a common material in guitar construction. It is usually used as material for top.The color of cedar is darker, mostly, it appears color close to red. Cedar often plays sound with “metallic” character, that is, more like piano tone. It is a wonderful choice for finger-style of acoustic guitar.

Rosewood: There are kinds of rosewood. Most famous is Brasil rosewood which is already forbidden for exportation trading. Cocobolo rosewood is close to Brasil rosewood. The most common type is Indian rosewood. It is also the most common material for back and side of guitar. Rosewood has excellent sound responsibility so that it can make rich tone. Rosewood is also a common material of fingerboard as its lower cost than Ebony.

Mahogny: This material is usually used as neck. It is an excellent material to make outstanding middle tonal spectrum.The material contains character of fine hardness, easy cutting and small shrinkage,etc., it is a fine material to make guitar neck for avoiding of deformation.

Above is the most common wood material you can find in guitar construction. 

Second, what is full solid wood guitar,solid top guitar and laminated guitar? Which type should you buy?

This mainly refer to what kind of material for top,back and side. As for full solid guitar,top, back and side are introduced solid wood material. You can see Spruce and Cedar as most common material for top, rosewood as most common material for back and side. As for solid top guitar, often means the top is made of solid material,back and side is made of laminated material; sometimes,the top is laminated, back and side is solid. Laminated guitar often means top,back and side is made of plywood material. 

Full solid wood guitar is mainly designed for professional players or those who are experienced in playing. It is also highly recommend to beginners who plan to be a professional. Full solid type guitar has the best tone performance compare with solid top and laminated. And for spruce and cedar top full solid guitar, there’s a process to perform his own style tone. This caused by wood material’s characteristic. Normally, solid top guitar performs tone as its made, but some high quality solid top type also has a chance to reach tone with personal character. This type of guitar is mainly for guitar students and enthusiasts. The cost of solid top guitar is surely lower than full solid type. The last type is laminated, frankly speaking, laminated is not recommend because many of this type performs badly although the cost is the lowest. 

Third, budget issue. This is simple, just buy guitar according to your budget. But in our opinion, if you could afford a guitar for US$200, don’t choose US$100. Normally, the price reflects the quality in this filed. Here is our suggestion, for beginners,we’d like to recommend to buy guitar from US$200 to US$500, between this range,you can find fine solid top guitar; for experienced and those who want to be professionals, it is better to choose guitar between US$500 and US$3000,in this range, you can choose proper full solid type; for professional or concert level guitar,the price is vary from US$5000 to more than US$10000.


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