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1. How to order guitars and accessories?

No matter to purcahse classical guitars or acoustic folk guitars, we have pre-sale consultant service. Simply tell us models you want to get offer, or indicate your requirement for material,design,quality,etc in specific and we will recommend accordingly. After confirmation of model, quality, price, we will send invoice with all detailed information, please stamp it back to confirm order.

As for accessories, we will send the catalog when communication. Please send us EXCEL file with name, model number and quantity to help us to quickly confirm your order. That’s easy.

2. Can you provide CITES certificate for our custom clearance?

Yes, we can.

But our government doesn’t issue the document with permanent validity. So we need to apply when required. 

Document we need to present to apply for CITES:

  • Contract between client and us.
  • Prove of legality of material supply.
  • Exportation certificate.

It may take few days to a month to issue CITES, so please inform us in advance if you need.

3. How to OEM?

XYB provides OEM services.

  • If you have your own brand, please send us authorization of manufacturing.
  • Please send us you Logo of CAD or CoreDraw file.
  • We will send photo of layout for your confirmation.
  • Please provide your own design photo if you prepared, or we will send our own photo for confirmation.
  • Please fulfill the form of “OEM Guitar” to let us know your requirement of material and size in specific. Download here: OEM Guitar
  • After all confirmation, manufacturing begins when agreed payment is done.
  • Quality will be inspected by XYB on behalf  of clients. Videos and photoes will be sent before packing and shipping.

4. Do you have MOQ requirement?

We don’t have MOQ limit. But we do have discount policy based on quantity.

5. How about your lead time?

For those need to manufacture, the lead time is normally from 30 to 45 working days. But for those in stock, we may need 3 to 7 working days to finish packing.

For accessories, we normally need 20 working days to deliver. 

6. What is your payment?

  • T/T is a normal payment that we accept. For short lead time, we accept 100% T/T in advance. For longer lead time, we accept 30% T/T in advance and balance 70% by T/T when items are ready before shipping.
  • For small quantity, sample or trail order, For small amount purchasing, Paypal is acceptable. Our Paypal account: 

7. How do you guarantee the payment safety?

  • Of course you will not pay for what you want to buy from us, if our business condition is not so satisfied or you still have questions with us.
  • Our bank is state owned bank in China. And has good record.
  • Please send us bank slip timely once the payment is made for quick checking. If the amount does not reach for a certain time, we will check with bank and inform you timely as well.
  • We promise to refund money once we failed to fulfill our obligation as agreed. And the amount will be refund to the account from which the money is released to us.Please note that the bank may charge for transfer service.

8. Can I get sample from you?

We do have sample policy for guitars and accessories.

  • For guitar sample for quality inspection purpose, you can buy 1 PCS or 2 PCS with discount price. This is negotiable for specific trading conditions. 
  • For sample requirement of rosette, bridge, pins, nut and saddle,etc., sample maybe free or charged with discount price according to sample quantity. 
  • We will advise the most cost-effective shipping. Freight for sample delivery will be borne by the buyer.

9. What is your trade term?

We can deal with terms like EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, FCA,etc. 

If under FOB term, please let your shipping agent to contact us or give us their contact information to communicate in advance to help us a better arrangement. We will provide packing information in advance for your reference. 

10. How to deliver ordered items?

We cooperate with shipping agent to provide comprehensive methods of deliver for your option.

For express door-to-door service, we cooperate with DHL,TNT, EMS and FeDex. By long term cooperation agreement, we get certain discount of shipping charge from those companies.

Sea freight will save your cost of delivery for sure. However, sea freight is the slowest way of shipment for it is by ship transportation. For small quantity, this may not so cost-effective. Please note. We also cooperate with good shipping agent in Shanghai, Guangzhou Tianjin and Qingdao.

Air-freight is a costly way of delivery, we also cooperate with the agent to try to save cost of clients who really need this way of shipping.

No matter deliver in which way, XYB always perform safe packing. Refer to  How To Ship A Guitar.

11. How about documentation?

The core member of our exportation team has been in exportation business for over 13 years. 

Draft invoice will be sent  at the beginning for confirmation.Packing list maybe later, sometimes, we don’t know specified packing information,especially,dimension in advance.But will be provided as soon as packing dimension is confirmed. After confirmation,invoice will be stamped and sent. For express door-to-door or air freight, the invoice maybe along with items.

B/L will be telegraphic released or original sent according to your requirement when delivered by sea. Please tell in advance.

Any other document or certificate is required, please indicate when ordering.