Classical Guitar Lessons,Why Scale Practicing is Important?

classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons,Why Scale Practicing is Important?

  • To find frets positions, beginning of classical guitar lessons.

This is the question always asked by classical guitar beginners.And in classical guitar lessons,most of teachers will begin from frets positions.But just by theory,the student finds that he still don’t have any clew. Then the teacher will tell them to practice scale such as Segovia Scale.It is seemed simple and the student can finish in minutes.Actually,it is not as simple as the student imagine.

  • Why scale practicing is so important in classical guitar lessons?

Firstly,scale practicing will help guitar student to recognize the concept of note and tone,even though it is a simple and single note with simple tone. In fact, frets positions is to reflect the note and tone on guitar.One by one, from simple to complicated, by constantly practicing,the student gets familiar with the positions quite well. And this won’t take a long time, maybe one month or two, the student can get ability to tell the positions independently. 

If just learn theory without practicing or practicing complete pieces from beginning, the guitar student can easily be confused,even can’t play without teacher at all. By this way,it may take one year or several years for student to recognize the positions.

Secondly,scale practicing is also a good way to warm up before playing.It will help human brain to get used to the feeling of hand.Through scale practicing,arm,finger and whole body get relaxed and improve blood circulation.Frankly speaking,there are a few to play master pieces directly without scale practicing in advance.And in classical guitar lessons,scale practicing at the beginning can help student get his attention.

  • What you should pay attention in scale practicing of guitar lessons?

Well, remember to use metronome while practicing.The metronome will help student to control the strength of finger and speed.Keep in mind that scale practicing shouldn’t require fast speed only.In fact, practicing with slow speed is better.And during the period,pay attention to if the sound from all fingers is even,if right hand and left hand plays correctly.

Read the scale while playing, no matter how familiar with it and how many times you have played.Don’t remember the scale and playing without reading if you really want to know the frets positions. Play with slow speed will give you time to read each note carefully and play clear sound.

Scale practicing will not only give the student a chance to know the positions,but also a chance to practice each finger of hand, especially,right hand. There are some tips may help student to practice fingers correctly:

  1. Pluck number 4,5,6  string with thumb at the beginning,and pluck number 1,2,3 string with index finger and middle finger alternatively;
  2. When student get more familiar,pluck 6 strings with index finger and middle finger alternatively;
  3. Pluck all 6 strings with middle finger and ring finger alternatively;
  4. For last step,plucking with index finger,middle finger and ring finger alternatively.

This method not only help student get familiar with positions,but also practice to control strength of different fingers to achieve even plucking.


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