Will you buy guitar from Chinese guitar factory?

chinese guitar factory

Will you buy guitar from Chinese guitar factory?

Will you buy Chinese guitar from Chinese guitar factory? This question is frequently asked. Somebody will directly tell you don’t do it, some will suspiciously tell you to try and others may confidently tell you it is worthy to buy chinese guitar? Why this happened? And if you want to import from China, how to cooperate with your supplier? 

There are many we will talk and will tell you how we do this.Topics as following:

  • Why and why not buying Chinese guitar
  • Challenges in cooperation with China guitar supplier
  • Guide to work with Chinese supplier
  • How do we cooperate with you

1.Why and why not buying Chinese guitar

1-1 Why you want to import from China

The reason to buy guitars from China is very simple and obvious for purchasing managers: price is cheap. However, it doesn’t mean absolute cheap, it is relative.

Better understanding the requirement of your market will make you have a clear idea what kind of guitars and by which price to import to ensure your profit and reputation. We are sure that you can always find Chinese guitar factory with cheaper price. But one thing you need to keep in mind that price must match with the quality you required. Normally, in this industry, price frequently reflect the quality level, but it doesn’t mean you will pay for a high price for a better quality. What you need to do is to find proper price which can meet your required quality. 

Besides, you could find good quality acoustic guitar with cheaper price in China. Today there are so many manufacturers and factories spread in everywhere of China. For famous brand of China, no matter purchasing standard guitars or OEM, you may find the cost is higher. What you need to do is to find those not so famous in the market. Nowadays, we can see many new guitar factories step in this filed. And they are eager to provide good quality with reasonable price. Mainly because in our domestic market, the competition is also violent. Cheap price with poor quality is not as popular as it before, more and more like good quality with reasonable price. This give a chance for factories to focus on quality instead of price only. Especially, for those manufacturers who has not established their brand reputation so widely. But to find this kind of factories may make you exhausted. Because it is very difficult to find online.

For quality, we all know world class brand like YAMAHA, etc, already established guitar factory in China. For this kind of factory, the products’ quality may bot as good as those Japan origin or USA origin, but still in high class. Anyway, import such kinds of brand from China maybe a problem because of copyright rules and market protection policy by the companies. 

If you are like to spend your time and energy on sourcing proper Chinese guitar factory, you may still find good qualities with cheaper price. This is why you want to import from China. 

1-2 why not buying Chinese guitar

The answer is also obvious:poor quality or performance. Poor quality guitar will make importers or distributors lose their profit as well as good reputation.

As mentioned above, there are so many manufacturers or factories in China. Many are telling you the truth related to their companies and products, some of them are telling you a lie about their situation. If you are not so familiar with Chinese guitar factory, there’s a great chance for you to suffer from such a bad experience.

Poor quality and performance of guitars. Especially there are classical guitars in low quality rate.This kind of thinking is based on the experience decades before. Before year 2000, China’s industrial level was not as developed as today. Music industry develops even slower than any others. During that time, when foreign importers purchased from China, they often meet poor quality with extremely cheap price. But low quality guitar cannot earn them a better profit but make bad reputation among their clients. This kind of situation lasted for a long time.

We all know that Chinese industry developed based on copying others. This began from around 1980s. Nowadays, we cannot say such kind of action is disappeared, but China manufacturers is surely getting more and more copy right. However, in music instrument industry, this kind of fake still exists. Don’t be confused with those factories who are authorized by world brands. China fake means guitars copy from other brands without any authorization and surely just copy that appearance, as for quality, it is totally a different thing. This happened for a long time even in today’s market. This kind of production not only damages the market, but also damages the interests of players or buyers. Not only you don’t want to buy, we also don’t want to buy this kind of guitars. In following section, we will discuss about China fake again.

2. Challenges in cooperation with China guitar supplier

2-1 Language 

Many foreigners has experienced headache by communication with Chinese guitar supplier. We are sure Email communication can be smooth one, but when you want to talk on the phone, then there’s a problem.You may find out that your Chinese guitar supplier doesn’t speak as fluent as in writing. 

The English language education has been spread for decades. However, all schools take reading and writing as the most important thing to teach. Oral ability is not so important even in today. So many Chinese guitar factory can understand what you wrote in your mail. But when you call for communication, it is very difficult for Chinese to understand by hearing, especially when you speak very fast. 

2-2 Time difference

This is a common view that China has different time zone with many countries, especially those in Africa, Europe and America. Foreign importers will find that there mails or messages cannot be replied in minutes even in hours as they expected. They often have to wait for hours even one day to get their reply. 

Well, China is about 7 hours earlier than most of countries in Europe and Africa, 10-16 hours earlier than countries in America. Although most of China guitar suppliers are willing to answer whatever you asked timely, but sometimes they really can’t. So for something really urgent, make a phone call is still a better way or send a message by Whatsapp. 

2-3 Trading policy

As for open-gate policy of China, exportation from China is getting easier and easier. But that doesn’t mean anything can be exported or it’s easier to purchase goods from China than from any other country. 

Hazardous articles, energy items,items under state regulation, weapons and other prohibited items,etc., are still difficult to export. China government has its own regulation, and still has to follow international rules like CITES for wood guitar industry. 

You need to figure out if your purchased items are allowed to be exported by learn government rule of China.Most of suppliers will tell you when make inquiries. But you still need to ask about this before make any order. And nowadays, China carries out the most strict environment-protection regulation in the history. This causes many factory be closed or upgrade their facilities. So to confirm the production situation of your supplier is strongly recommended. 

2-4 Culture difference

There maybe a huge difference between Chinese culture and others. The biggest is traditional festival. In China, there are many traditional festivals, the biggest is Spring Festival. To celebrate this one, the whole country normally rest for 7-days holiday. During this period, most of Chinese don’t work but be with families for parties. This also influences logistics in domestic. All logistic companies may stop their service 2 to 7 days before the holiday begins. So to confirm with you supplier for better arrangement in advance can avoid any inconvenience. 

Although China hold 7-days Spring Festival holiday, you should keep in mind that the tradition for this festival is for half a month. And for many of factories, their holiday will not be finished until the tradition period is over. Because factories have less break days during normal days and workers’ homes are normally far from their working place. 

The second biggest holiday is Independence Day. Also last for 7 days. Unlike Spring Festival, this is not our traditional festival holiday, it comes from our government. But logistic services will stop 2 or 3 days before it begins. You just need pay attention your shipping arrangement.

2-5 China fake, yes or no

Well, we think China fake is the most discussed topic. Do you accept such kind of product? Or Do you firmly against such kind of production?

We don’t like it for sure, especially for guitar industry. Industry or technology development is based on copy or formula when it began, and now it is highly developed with Chinese own copyright in some filed. For guitars, China fake last for a very long time, even in nowadays some suppliers are still doing this kind of business.

We don’t like and don’t do China fake kind of business mainly because of quality issue. No matter classical guitar, acoustic guitar or electric guitar, no matter appearance or inside technology, is from western world instead of Chinese invention. When we talk about China fake, we mainly mean copy of appearance only, For those suppliers who doing fake business, because they know the fake world brand like Gipson, Ibanez,etc is easier to sell and more profit, the same thinking of importers doing this kind of business. The negative aspect is that such kind of manufacturers are like to pay more attention on the appearance instead of technology. And some are even use non-guitar standard wood material. So it is normal that such kind of guitar has as beautiful appearance as its copied brand, but the performance of guitar is totally different. When importers spread this kind of fake guitars to its clients, at the beginning, it is attractive because of lower price. But as time goes by, the importers will meet more and more complaints. This is how bad reputation comes. For a long term, this damages the business instead of improving it. So we don’t like China fake as you don’t.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, we don’t think guitar production is purely china origin for the shape such as OM body of guitar is invented by pioneer companies like Martin. But for those China manufacturers who R&D in material, configuration, technology,etc to make guitars with their own sound, they made China guitars instead of China fake guitars. Because this kind of Chinese guitar supplier understands material, material relationships, layout of guitar and production technology very well, the most important thing is that they want to earn good reputation among clients. this is what we prefer. Especially in manufacturing of full solid classical guitar and full solid acoustic guitar, solid wood material is as important as production technology, otherwise, the quality cannot be guaranteed. 

3. Guide to work with Chinese supplier

3-1 Communication

As we discussed before, many of Chinese suppliers are not good at speaking English, but very good at reading and writing. So if possible, to write more often than to call so often unless something urgent. 

When communication by mails or messages, try to make you pint as detail as you can to avoid any misunderstanding. For example, if you write to make an inquiry, try to indicate your requirement of production standard, material, size, etc, in specific as well as quantity. Especially, please pay attention to plus quantity numbers with unit such as PCS, set, unit,etc. This can save your time and communication cost. 

If you have to call your supplier, well, try speak slowly. But no need in very slow speed, just pay attention to speak in standard English without accent and pronounce every word clear. Otherwise, your supplier may ask you to send email to discuss. 

Time difference as mentioned above is another aspect you need to consider. If you are in USA, time you start working maybe the time your supplier sleeping. In this case, for normal affair, send SMS when you send him an email for reminding may help your supplier to reply you timely. 

3-2 Establish your standard for the supplier

It is important for you to make a clear requirement to indicate your supplier the best way to cooperate with you. The requirements should includes quality standard, reply time, etc. Better understanding of you, better service from your supplier. 

Chinese guitar suppliers are eager to give better service for their clients because of heavy competition. But sometimes they can’t just because of lack of information to give them a clear idea how to do so.

3-3 Shipping Arrangement 

Well, it is better to ask your partner to give you their arrangement of manufacturing and shipping time schedule in advance. This will make it easier to follow the whole process. Especially as we mentioned about festivals above, if you find out that your shipping time is in Spring Festival or Independence day, it is better for you to communicate with your supplier in advance to check if the delivery can be fastened or prepare for delayed shipping. 

For Spring Festival, it is in term of Chinese calendar, you need to check with Chinese guitar factory. It often happens in January or February. Independence Day is on Oct.1st, the holiday is from Oct.1st to Oct.7th. 

3-4 Paper Work

We all know there are paper works related to documents for export and import. Normally, the document includes invoice, contract and packing list, Many suppliers will issue draft document for confirmation , but some don’t have this habit. So it is better for you to ask in advance. 

For wood guitar industries, CITES is required from January of 2017. This means for this export and import there is more paper work to apply for CITES. If  you really need this, to ask in advance will save shipping time. 

4.How do we cooperate with you

Now, we will tell you how does XYB cooperate with you. 

4-1 Communication

It is no need for you to worry about making phone call to us. Although many of Chinese suppliers are not like to talk on the phone, we are eager to. Our employee have English major background, and oral ability is the most aspect to be considered if they are fit for the job or not. And among our team, there are experienced people. 

All are good at speaking, hearing, reading and writing. It is no problem to communicate with us by mail,message, on-line or on the phone.

4-2 Time difference influence

No, we can’t promise to be 24 hours on-line. Inconvenient communication by time difference is existed. However, we promise to answer your mail no later than 12 hours from time we received it. Our contact phone is ready to ring for 24 hours, it is ok for you to call us at any time without concern of disturbing. Or you can still send messages to us by Whatsapp or SMS. 

4-3 Price term and quality concern

The wood material for building guitars are from international authorized material supplier and the grade of material is authorized by international institution. All wood material is well naturally dried. Some parts are imported from overseas.This make our material cost is higher. But the quality is well secured. 

Builders we cooperate are experienced in making guitars in European. They are expert in guitar building technology such as shape of guitar, inside layout and finishing, most important, they are familiar with phonology relationship between materials. 

We don’t do fake business, so it is no need for you to ask us about fake of Gipson, Fender, Yamaha,etc. If OEM, please tell us your requirement about material, size, quality,etc in detail. For Logo printing, if possible, please send us authorization of your brand.

So we may not be your cheapest Chinese guitar supplier, but we concern quality more. 

4-4 Timely documentation and report

We always send invoice in advance for confirmation. For packing list, most of time we can send in advance, but some times, we can prepare only when production is finished. However, all related documents will be released before delivery. 

From the date of order, we wills end report about production situation to make you relaxed and tell you if the order can be delivered in advance or just on time,etc.

For certificate like CITES, if necessary, please tell us in advance for apply in time. And CITES is for one-time use. You may not see the original document for it has to be passed to custom clearance agent directly. However, we will send copy of it. Details you may refer to FAQ page.









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