Overview and Products

As a Chinese guitar supplier,Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd.(XYB for short) is established in 2016 in China to aim to provide high-quality Chinese guitar and accessories to overseas.

XYB performs as a international trading company. For classical guitars, XYB mainly focus on quality issue.The manufacturer’s material is supplied by internationally authorized material supply chain and well naturally dried at least for 10 years.Beside, the builders are experienced in building in Europe, and concert standard classical guitars are made by the most experienced builders for more than 15 years. XYB mainly provides solid top classical guitars and full solid classical guitars of high quality, laminated type is not an option of XYB. All classical guitars contain 3-year warranty. 

For folk acoustic guitars, XYB mainly consider ratio between quality and cost. So the price is vary from laminated acoustic guitars to full solid acoustic guitars. XYB maybe not your cheapest supplier, we are sure we are one of your responsible suppliers. For better sourcing of folk guitars, XYB has connected with more than 20 Chinese acoustic guitar manufacturers to meet various of clients’ requirement. Anyway, easy playing is guaranteed and no problem like string buzz.

For accessories, XYB aims to provide accessories like rosettes,bridges,pins, etc for guitar builders and factories. All guitar parts and well design and precisely cut. For pre-made ones, we guarantee short delivery duration. For OEM, please contact us to consult details.

XYB is a trading company also performs with professional knowledge and skills in sourcing and inspections. Besides products supplying, XYB also cooperates with international shipping agents for safe and efficient delivery.

To establish worry-free cooperation is always XYB’s faith and goal.

Comprehensive Services

  1. XYB performs quality inspection in material, production and sound each time of delivery. 
  2. OEM is a little bit complicated.Please indicate specific requirement of material type and grade,design of appearance, etc before  order.Please consult FAQ section for clear idea.
  3. For delivery, XYB follows  each time to ensure export standard and safe packing. Delivery duration will be strictly according to the agreement.
  4. Documentation will be timely presented. Draft of invoice is sent after order and will be released  after confirmation. Packing list maybe presented after order as well, but for some situation, we can only present when accurately measured after production

Our loaction

XYB is located in Xianyang city, Shaanxi province of China. Our place is 10 minutes to entrance of high-way, 15 minutes to train station and around 20 minutes to air-port.

Address: Zhonghong Building, North Tuanjie Road, Qindu District, Xianyang,Shaanxi,712000,P.R.China

Post Code: 712000