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Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd.(XYB for short) is established in 2016 as a professional Chinese guitar suppliers. We dedicated to export and supply fine guitars and accessories to overseas.

Our musical instruments business actually started since 1990s by Mr.Jinhao Zhang who is a classical guitar player and teacher with 20 years experience. At the beginning as a shop, we focused on supplying guitars and parts in domestic. We reformed to be as XYB, a professional music instument company  in developing and supplying good quality guitars such as classical guitars, flamenco guitars, acoustic guitars and guitar parts with authorized exportation right to overseas market now. 

The quality is a main factor that we focus on. We inspected on three aspects: material source, building technology and performance. We do believe good guitars will give more value. No matter our standard products or customized ones, quality is always the most important matters. For more about us and our services, you maay refer to FAQ section.

Our team member includes professional guitar players, guitar builders and staff experienced in internatinal tradings to perform with their expert knowledge. And we are all esaygoing and responsive person. It is worry-free to cooperate with XYB.


Classical Guitars

XYB supplies Spanish standard classical guitars as well as flamenco guitars. Material is from internationally authorized suppliers grade from A to AAAA certified by international institute. There’s full solid classical guitar for professionals and performers, classical guitar student type and solid top classical guitar for beginners and progressing of enthusiasts. We also provide high-end hand-crafted classical guitars. Cutting of size, layout of beam, glue of body and finishing of appearance is precisely and strictly controlled and inspected by QC team. The size of guitars is from 34 inch for children to standard 39 inch. 

Acoustic Guitars

XYB pay much of its attention in supplying of good quality acoustic guitar with reasonable price for enthusiasts and players.But laminated or poor performance with extreme low price is not in our scope. In this acosutic guitars, the body is introduced classic design such as OM, D, GA,etc. The size includes 40 inch, 41 inch, 42 inch,etc. All acoustic folk guitars can be equipped with pickup.  The acoustic guitars are guaranteed easy-playing without problems like string buzz casued by deformation or poor building,etc. 

Guitar Parts

We provide accessories  mainly for  guitar builders and factories. Among this series, includes rosette, bridge,bridge pins,nut and saddle. Besides accessories for guitars, banjo bridge,mandolin bridge,etc are also involved. All accessories are well design and precisely machine cut. We are not only going to supply individual parts of guitar, but also capable in supplying who parts kit for convenient building purposes.


Besides standard products, XYB also provide customization service. For guitars, we carry out Logo printing, design and production in term of specific requirement of material,appearance, configuration, etc. For guitar parts, we provide single parts service as well as parts kit solution according to production requirement. The parts kit can include complete set from head,neck, top, back, side, bridge, pins, string, etc.for convenient of guitar building, also can do special combination according to specific building requirement.

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XYB is located in Xianyang city, Shaanxi province of China. Our place is 10 minutes to entrance of high-way, 15 minutes to train station and around 20 minutes to air-port.

Address: Zhonghong Building, North Tuanjie Road, Qindu District, Xianyang,Shaanxi,712000,P.R.China

Post Code: 712000