Differences between Guitars. Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars

Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars Differences

What is differences between acoustic guitars and classical guitars? It is a question frequently asked though there are many answers. Before we go further for our sharing, we’d like also to answer this question to help those to have a clear idea. 

We need to make a clear idea about something before we state the differences.

We should keep in mind that acoustic types are born from classical guitars (see History of Guitar-Beginning of Guitar ) . This is one of the similarities of classical guitars and acoustic guitars. 

Besides, both types are made by wood material without any electric devices (the sound is created by conduction of body instead of electric devices). And most of them have six strings.

Body Differences 

Classical type’s body was not like what we see today.But it is fixed when it was created by Torres. The size is normally 36”,38” and 39”. So we can see classical type has smaller size. And classical type’s neck is wider.

For acoustic type, body shape is vary such as D, GS, OM,Jumbo,etc. The size is normally from 40 inch to 43 inch.The acoustic guitars have bigger size. But acoustics have narrower neck.

String Differences 

This part of difference is obvious.Classical guitars as we all know, have nylon strings, acoustics have steel strings.Further more, acoustics have 22 frets,classical ones have 19 frets. By counting number of frets,you may also know if it is acoustic guitars or classical types.

Sound Differences 

Classical guitars was developed to perform classical music like piano or violin.It is required to play soft,sweet and clear sound.The sound was created mainly by sound conduction character of body.To pursuing better sound performance,better material is required.This is why classical guitars have strict material requirement.

Acoustic guitar was created by Americans,to play modern music. It is mainly for playing company for popular songs. It performs bright sound with metal character.This is caused by steel strings as someone said.

Performance Differences

Classical guitar has strict requirement when performing. First, we should focus on gestures of holding.Second,left hand skill and right hand skill must follow strict rules when practicing.All of this just for better sound performance of guitar for classical guitars don’t have any auxiliary devices to help to increase sound volume.

Acoustic guitar’s requirement is more flexible. If you are a well-trained player, you could hold the guitar with any gestures you like.Because this is the reason it was created.And there are many auxiliary electric devices you can use to help the performance of sound.



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