Classical Guitar Lessons,Why Scale Practicing is Important?

classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons,Why Scale Practicing is Important? To find frets positions, beginning of classical guitar lessons. This is the question always asked by classical guitar beginners.And in classical guitar lessons,most of teachers will begin from frets positions.But just by theory,the student finds that he still don’t have any clew. Then the teacher will tell them […]

Differences between Guitars. Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars

Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars Differences What is differences between acoustic guitars and classical guitars? It is a question frequently asked though there are many answers. Before we go further for our sharing, we’d like also to answer this question to help those to have a clear idea.  We need to make a clear idea […]

Why Guitar Beginners Should Start with Classical Guitar?

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Why Guitar Beginners Should Start from Classical Guitar Why we suggest guitar beginners to start from classical guitar? From history of guitar, we learnt that modern guitar with 6 string appeared in 19th century which we called classical guitars. In 20th century,along with the appearance of steel string and increased number of fret, acoustic type […]

How Does Classical Guitar Skills of Right Hand Fingers Matter?

classical guitar skills

How Does Classical Guitar Skills of Right Hand Finger Matter? Does classical guitar skills of right hand influences guitar sound? “Don’t use too much strength when playing with right hand.The sound should be clean and clear,soft or strong.Generally speaking,sound  of classical guitar should be strong instead of piecing,soft but not weak.”–by Aguado “It is not […]

Why People Choose Classical Guitar of China?For Beginner To Learn Guitar

Why more and more people love classical guitar of China Nowadays, we can see more and more people love to listen to classical guitar  of China,and many locals love to take part in the lessons. How could this happen? At the beginning of lesson,we should learn beginning of guitar firstly to see where it came […]

Glorious!Segovia Classical Guitar in 20th Century till Today

The glorious of classical guitar in 20th century,was promoted by Adres Segovia.His technology of playing and his style, sometimes,is recognized as Segovia Classical Guitar. In China, even today,his technology is introduced in most of lessons. He is one of the greatest musicians in 20th century for he brought classical guitar which almost vanished in history back […]

Wow! Classical Guitar Booming

classical guitar booming

Wow! Classical Guitar Booming Why second classical guitar booming is in 19th century? Not only because of so many great musicians appeared during that time,but also the innovation in building technology. In 19th century of guitar history,guitar(we mainly refer to classical guitar here) met its degradation times as the booming of grand music.However,musicians who are […]