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As a professional guitar supplier,Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd.(XYB for short) is established in 2016 to supply classical guitars ,acoustic folk types and accessories such as rosette of wood and abalone, bridge for guitars and other music instruments, bone nut and bridge pins for overseas. 

For accessories, high quality material, such as rose wood, abalone and bone is introduced. All kinds of accessories are well designed and precisely machine cut. Inside rosette, most are pre-made and can be delivered fastly. For some special design, it may take longer time for delivery. Please consult with us for detailed.

Base on understanding of classical guitar, XYB mainly focus on supplying guitars with better ratio of value and performance. For this purpose, even classical guitar for beginners, we still pay attention to material and cutting technology. All classical guitars are guaranteed easy playing and long duration period.

For acoustic folk guitar, XYB always try its best to source guitars with beautiful appearance,good tone performance and smooth playing ability.Cost is an important aspect that XYB focuses on.The main purpose is to supply easy-play guitars.

Besides,comprehensive delivery and safe exportation packing is also provided when exportation.

To make clients worry-free is always XYB’s faith.


Classical guitars are made by builders who studied in European and have experience in building classical guitars for more than 10 years..The material of classical guitar is from internationally authorized suppliers.And international approved grade from A to AAAA. Among this series, there’s full solid classical guitars and solid top guitars for beginners and beyond.All are according to Spanish standard to play Spanish classical tone. Easy-playing and quality is guaranteed. Warranty is for 3 years.


XYB pays his attention to cost of folk guitars.The main goal is to supply good acoustic folk guitars with reasonable price for enthusiasts and players.In this series, the body of folk guitars introduced classic design such as OM, D, GA,etc. The size includes 40 inch, 41 inch, 42 inch,etc. For now, XYB doesn’t involved electric types in his series, just acoustic types. All guitars are well designed and precisely machine cut.Some highest grade of guitars are semi-hand made or hand made. The guitars are guaranteed easy-playing without problems like deformation, string buzz,etc.


Instead of accessories like pick-up,etc for players’ convenience., XYB provides accessories aims for convenience of guitar builders,factories and luthiers.Among this series, includes rosette, bridge,bridge pins,nut and saddle. Besides accessories for guitars, banjo bridge,mandolin bridge,etc are also involved.Material of accessories is also from authorized suppliers,no matter wood, abalone or bone material.All accessories are well design and precisely machine cut. Most of them are pre-made. OEM order is acceptable for large quantity.

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  • Safe packing 
  • Timely documentation