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classical guitars,flamenco guitars,folk acoustic guitars
Boya Music Instruments
rosette,bridge,bridge pins,nut,saddle,tuners and picks

Professional Guitar Supplier Overview

Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd.(XYB for short) is established in 2016 as a professional Chinese guitar suppliers. We dedicated to export and supply fine Chinese guitar and accessories to overseas.

As development of production technology and realization of quality nowadays in China, we establish a company with authorized exportation right to provide fine classical guitars,flamenco guitars,folk acoustic guitars and accessories to abroad with professional knowledge and skill of guitars.

XYB is now eager to cooperate with importers,distributors and traders,etc instead of selling directly to public as a professional guitar supplier.In our work, quality is always the first thing we consider. As a professional guitar supplier, we surely understand that price often reflect the quality in music instrument industry, but that doesn’t mean we always provide expensive staff although we may not be your cheapest Chinese supplier. What we do is to benefit our partners with quality and profit.

We supply Spanish standard classical guitar from solid top classical guitar for beginners to full solid classical guitar for professionals. We also provide good quality acoustic guitar can be equipped with pickup and without problems like deformation, string buzz,etc.Accessories of XYB includes rosettebridge,bridge pins,nut and saddle etc for builders,luthiers and factories.


  • Long term service life
  • Easy playing
  • Inspected before delivery


  • Easy ordering
  • Timely question and answer
  • Payment safety is secured


  • Comprehensive shipping service 
  • Safe packing 
  • Timely documentation