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Boya Music Instruments
Professional guitar supply / classical, flamenco, folk guitars
Boya Music Instruments
Fine parts / rosettes, bridges, pins, nuts, saddles and more

Professional Guitar Supplier Overview

Xianyang Boya Music Instruments Co.,Ltd.(XYB for short) is established in 2016 as one of professional Chinese guitar suppliers with exportation right of China government.Mainly focus on supplying  fine classical guitars,flamenco guitars,folk acoustic guitars and accessories to luthiers, factories, schools, importers and distributors,etc. Also provide high-end guitars to individual professionals. We supply Spanish standard classical guitar from solid top classical guitar for beginners to full solid classical guitar for professionals. We also provide good quality acoustic guitar can be equipped with pickup and without problems like deformation, string buzz,etc.Accessories of XYB includes rosettebridge,bridge pins,nut and saddle etc for builders,luthiers and factories.We are not only capable to supply separate parts, but also capable to supply complete parts kit for convenient building of guitar.

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